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About our company

Widow Games is an entertainment company specialized in closing the gap between the physical and digital worlds.
Founded in 2012 we have launched more than 15 mobile games and as of today we have more than 1.5 million subscribers per month.
We love to constantly innovate and discover new ways to add value to our users.

In 2019 we were chosen as part of the Global Google Indie Games Accelerator 2019 in Singapore, with another 25 companies from more than 1700 applicants.

3 years ago we started working on a mobile game that could be defined as the perfect mix between the Pokemon Go and the Monopoly.
And its name is GEOPOLY.
GEOPOLY is a geolocation economic simulator that allows users to rent, buy, upgrade and sell real-life businesses all around the world.

After a soft launch in Brazil, and being selected by Apple Latam as one of the 4 most innovative iOS games in the region, we decided to keep on innovating and we jumped into the Blockchain train!

Nowadays we are working super hard to build something totally unique: a videogame that will run on 3 different platforms with 2 parallel in-game economies: the mobile & off-chain (Android and coming soon on iOS) version of the game where users will be able to Rent and upgrade real-life business and special locations, and the web & on-chain version where players can do that but also Buy those business and locations as NFTs with GEO$ Tokens.

We are growing the team super fast, and to achieve these great goal for GEOPOLY is that we are looking for a DIGITAL ILLUSTRATOR

Produce high-quality assets with an aesthetic adapted to our games, always guided by high standards, capable of adapting to different styles and techniques that the art team requires.

- At least 3 years of experience in art development for video games.
- Technical skills of senior / specialist level focused on illustration of assets, characters and backgrounds.
- Experience in advanced handling of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.
- Experience in Game Interfaces.
- Experience working with Agile methodologies.
- Experience working with multidisciplinary teams.
- Being passionate about gaming is a huge plus (experience in the field is a must have).

- 2D knowledge (concepts, art).
- 2D animation experience.
- Experience in Unity 3D.
- Knowledge or experience in Blender.
- Knowledge or basic experience in Web / html / CSS.

Conditions & Benefits
- Full-time Remote Position

Interested persons, please send us your CV and intended remuneration to

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