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Full-time Senior Developer

en Lic. Karen Cuquejo (en cualquier lado)

We are looking for Senior Game Developers to join its development team. You may be responsible for a multi-platform development team and will supervise other people’s work.

Our ideal candidate will fulfill the following aspects:

- Strong Math knowledge
- Experience in the following coding languages: C++ / C#, GLSL / HLSL
- Experience in either Unity Engine, Unreal Engine or CryEngine
- Experience in Version Control Software
- Preferably knowledgeable in the following areas: graphics, physics, animation, shaders, UI
- College Degree related to Computer Science
- Team player, organized, and with a passion for video games
- Proven experience in the video game Industry
- Speaks Spanish fluently
All applicants should be able to show some of their past work related to video games in the form of prototypes or videos. Remuneration based on regional standards.

Interesados enviar CV (en español) a indicando interés en cuanto a modalidad de contratación, y rango de referencia en cuanto a remuneración pretendida.

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