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Freelance Set de illustracion para social game en illustrator

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Aclaracion: me pueden contestar o preguntar en espaniol, solo que el aviso fue puesto en otros lugares y esta en ingles.

Pueden bajar los archivos de ejemplo de:

Pago: puede ser via paypal (USD) o transferencia bancaria (solo Arg y en pesos)

Deadline: necesito esto en no mas de 15 dias.

I need a set of vector art for a social game, in it you basically play building products with it's primary pieces (like a car toy, you have the body, the wheels, the screws, the stickers, the painting etc.. you have all of that in individual pieces and you use them to build the final product.

with the following items:

1) the word: "Assembly" made by parts (like screw driver, screws, products parts etc..) in a isometric point of view (attached is an image of the point of view i want in the word).
2) Assembler worker (like a stereotypical chinese worker of a assembly factory) also in a isometric point of view
3) working table, basically it will be used as background on where the action will take place and 1 plastic basket (attached is an example of what i want, just better) i should be able to change it's colors. both things should maintain the point of view, as the baskets goes on top of the table, where the parts of the products are stored.
4) conveyor belt with the same point of view of the board, make it large, add texture and some things like it can be patched or sort of worn in some place
5) digital timer, goes on top of the working table
6) 5 products in vector format as it's individual parts. I'm providing 5 images of real products, each of them has between 4 to 6 individual parts and you need to:
a) vectorize each part i mark individually
b) the join of this parts should be exactly as the real image you have
c) respect the orientation and point of view that the original image has
d) of course, some parts in the example images are not visible (why the image is plain and probably has some part that goes on top of it) be sure to draw some kind of socket or place to out screw drivers if it looks good, do not leave the not visible part unfinished why it's going to be visible for the user.

I would like to see outlines (no colors, no effects, just the silhouette of the item, in the correct perspective) as mockup of each one of the items i requested , in this way, i can tell you if something is not right and you will not be wasting time doing something that in the end, i would not accept.

I'm going to need more items in the future, as soon the prototype is done (more than 20 more products and extra illustrations) so be sure to be willing in the future to continue working on the project.

Format: i need all of this on vector format, in AI (Adobe Illustrator) files.

Rights and obligations: All the material you make, as soon as the payment is released, belongs to me, you can't resell it or re-use it in any way. At bidding and accepting the project, you agree to this condition.

IF YOU HAVE ANY DOUBT, JUST ASK. some of my request maybe are too abstracts, so if you have ANY question regarding ANYTHING, just let me know, i'll try to clarify my request as much as i can.

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