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Full-time Game Analyst

en Pixowl en la ciudad de Buenos Aires - Argentina

Pixowl, is a young developer of interactive entertainment software worldwide for video game on iOS and Android systems.
Based in San Francisco, California, with a development lab in Paris, Pixowl opened another one in Buenos Aires 10 months ago.
The development team is rather small and will not grow exponentially as we consider ourselves as a boutique game developer. Our intention is to select the best people to develop the best games.

Pixowl’s objective is to provide the world with quality videogames not only on the aesthetic aspect but also on interaction having the innovation as its first premise.
Because of this attitude, Pixowl’s games have very special features that guarantees a big user base:

  • Doodle Grub have 5 million downloads
  • The Sandbox has 2 million downloads already and growing, being only 2 months available in the appstore

If you feel you can hold down to this goals, you could be part of the team.
We are looking for an experienced video games analyst who can be part of the team

Job Description

The game analyst reports to and works with the design team to realize the creative vision of a project, drive long-term design goals, and maintain the quality of the game’s content.
This role will be responsible for :

  • Interrogating source systems and doing metrics analysis to help on the design of monetizing schemes and features
  • Create forecasts and interpret analytical data for events, features and items to balance economies.
  • Capturing customer requirements and translating these into appropriate business intelligence designs
  • Advising the game design team on appropriate business intelligence solutions
  • Working closely with the Design Team for Business Intelligence to grow and enhance the monetization of the products


  • At least 2 years’ experience as Game Analyst or Economy Designer
  • Strong understanding of current design techniques to deliver excellent engagement, retention, and monetization.
  • Can concisely articulate core social game loops.
  • Experience designing F2P and/or micro-transaction-based published titles
  • Passionate about the social game space while caring about the gameplay experience.
  • Fluency in English language
  • Excellent team and communication skills required.
  • Passion for making and playing innovative games.

A Plus:

  • Able to balance between innovation and setting reasonable goals.
  • Experience on Game Design
  • Economy or any related degree on analysis
  • Broad knowledge and understanding of fundamental analytical and statistical methods.

What We Value in our Developers:

  • A genuine passion for game development
  • Self-motivated and directed towards objectives

Pixowl is waiting for you.
Be there!
Pixowl Team

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